How do you shake off a bad dream?

I dreamt that a group of lions were walking outside my house. I saw them from my kitchen window. Before I could stop him, Kalob ran out to greet them. My brother is only 6 years old.

I saw him petting their fur when all of a sudden the biggest one grabbed him by his shirt and popped him into his mouth. I heard a loud shriek as he bit into his flesh. It then dropped him on the ground, stared at me with blood trickling from his teeth.

And as just as quickly as they came, they were gone. I ran outside and cried as I saw that his butt muscle had been bitten into, it was no longer there. Just pieces of red flesh and torn clothes. There was too much blood too.

I know, idiot me, it's only a dream. But I actually woke up screaming. Checked on my brother and checked his breathing. I couldn't go to sleep after.


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  • I once had a dream I could travel through mirrors and come out a different location. One mirror took me to the childhood park by my house, and a pride of lions were lounging on the playground stuff. I quickly jumped back into that mirror lol.


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  • You have the power to control your dreams and like do a rewind with a different outcome

    • Really I never tried that before. Usually when I realize I'm dreaming it's when I'm in danger so I immediately choose to fly into the sky for safety lol. It's kinda like swimming through the air but you're constantly sinking so you have to kick real hard.

    • @FidemMeam but again that's you taking control of the dream. Everyone that can do it has their own way. Mines like rewinding a movie

  • I had a dream like this not too long ago, except in the dream, I unknowingly sent a young boy to his death. A boy that I knew well. I was breathing so hard that the sound woke me up. It took me a couple days to get over it, but I still think about it.


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