How would you feel if a friend admitted they loved you but you don't feel the same?

Would you feel awkward or guilty or would it make you not want to be friends with them anymore?


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  • Having been the one that loved but wasn't in return I'd feel compassion for them because it hurts like hell. But, you can't help your feelings and honesty is still the way to go


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  • It definitely is a tough situation to be in. I would feel horrible for not feeling the same, but be as nice about it as possible. I'd probably still want to be friends, though it may be useful to not talk for a while or as much to help the other person move on.


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  • My best friend did that and I felt like a jerk.

    He admitted more than once and I had to reject more than once.

    Just be honest and be nice about it too. Don't make him feel like whatever but don't fake your feelings either.

    Oh and every time he confessed we would take a break so he can move on.