What are your best memories?

Mine is laying on a hammock on my porch , and having my girlfriend cuddling in my arms , under the starlight. It was amazing. What are your best memories?, and say why it was your best?


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  • Some were sexual memories but the other ones were just whenever I see something that reminded me of that something (like an association) then if it was/is a fond memory/a great memory THEN and only then I have what I like to call Emotional Orgasms... :- P



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  • All time top best memory I have is when I was 12 years old at horseback riding lessons. I had been taking lessons since I was knee high to a Shetland pony (google it, they small af lol) and my instructor would never let me ride a horse because I was like this itty bitty little baby child but when I was 11 my parents got me an Arabian horse named CJ.

    Anywho... I brought him to lessons and I got to canter for the first time ever in my life (my pony was a stubborn mother f-er and didn't believe in anything other than walking haha) and CJ and I cantered and it was the best thing ever. A nice rocking horse show type canter. Very western pleasure.

    And that leads into my next favorite memory...

    And thus began my love for going fast. When CJ passed away I told my parents I'd never ride again. Except two years later I went to them and was like, "I NEED a horse. I have to ride." And they bought me a retired barrel racer and oh my sweet baby Jesus does he go fast. Like holy shit haha

    We bought him off my mom's friend and I test rode him on the trails and his owner at the time was on her other barrel horse and she was like, "Your mom tells me you like to go fast. Sonny goes fast." And then she took off on her horse on this like 3 mile straightaway and I took off after her and holy mother of goodness can he fly. I'm talking like tears-streaming-down-your-face, blurred scenery, can't-see-anything-other-than-what's-right-between-his-ears fast.

    It's like flying when you're on him. Nothing better than being bent low along a horse's neck looking through his ears, feeling his mane on your face, and just flying. Nothing better. All time best thing that could ever be experienced ever.

    We got him when he was 15 and for a barrel horse that's old. But he can still kick ass at local fun shows. He's 20 now and he smokes the other horses on barrels. No competition haha. Guess that's what happens when you take a D1 barrel horse and put him up against your local 4H's speed horse. No competition. At all. He can run that course by himself.

    He got the name The Speed Devil at these shows haha

    I remember one girl was like, "I bought this 4 year old and trained him all winter and we're going to win!"

    I was like, "This is my 18 year old horse I dragged out of the pasture for fun!"

    • And she was like, "Hmph, he looks slow." Except then we got in the alley (the shoot horses run from to start the event) and he was rearing and had his ears pinned and he was spinning in circles and going absolutely bat shit crazy and everyone was like, "He's dangerous!" And then we kicked ass at the event. He took off and everyone was stunned. Experience DOES beat youth sometimes haha

      Sorry... I got distracted by my story telling. Those are my favorite memories.

      And sorry for all the horse terminology :/

  • I had a very happy childhood and I have so many wonderful memories. I get these very strong sensory memories at times. A certain fall smell will remind me of being a kid at Halloween. I love the times of traveling with my family, watching sports on TV with my dad, just being with my mom, swimming, going to the lake, spending the night at my grandparents house, playing with friends. I hope my children have such happy memories.

    And my mother had my childhood diary, something like that we can now keep online)
    for example, https://lifetile.me/

  • Lauy summer afternoons when I was a teenager and It was hot outside and the AC was on and I sat for hours waiting for my favorite TV show to start while drinking copious amounts of cappuccino.


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  • Hmm.

    The first time I held my niece in my arms and nursed her with a bottle. My wife saying "YES!" when I proposed. First time I soloed in a Cessna. Sailing around the Channel Islands at night, watching the stars. Exploring these abandoned bunkers (part of California's coastal defense built during WW I and WW II) with my friends. This one trip to Disneyland with two of my friends.

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