Do you think graduating 1 grade behind is bad?

i failed a grade (8th) because my mom was homeschooling me,

Turns out the grade i was taking was freshman classes that were not up to date
so we thought they were 8th grade classes and when we tried to put me back in school for high school

not only did they they deny the credits i had because they were outdated, i had to repeat the 8th grade for not actually attending the 8th grade, they wouldn't let me be homeschooled again, so i am currently a freshman supposed to be a sophomore. I'm trying my best for credit recovery and get in my right grade but i'l have to basically be on the honor rol for it to happen...

Not an honor roll type of student but if i were to just be a grade behind is it bad?
i graduate when i'm 19..


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  • When I was adopted, I had to move from oregon to pennslyvania. I had to repeat a grade. I am also a freshman who should really be a sophmore. I don't see it as a bad thing. I used to worry about it too, but now I don't because I'm ok with it. If you really worry, you could take summer classes and graduate a year early.

    • thats the only reason im a freshman now because i took summer classes, i'm glad there is someone on here like me and you were adopted that made my heart drop...

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    • or message me?

    • yeah sure

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  • It's going to suck for now, but after graduation no one will care. That's a royal fuck up by your mom and easily preventable. Let me guess, you have an older sibling she homeschooled, and she never bothered to check if the materials had changed?

    • no our neighbors were homeschooled and they showed me what they did when they were homeschooled

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