What does "hit it and deny it" mean?

i asked my friend if he would have sex with this girl we know and he texted back "hit it and deny it" what does this mean? he would fuck her? but deny what?


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  • Deny that he fucked her.

    • why?

    • Because she is probably not that attractive or pretty.

    • why would he have sex with her then lol

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  • She's attractive enough to fuck, but nothing to be proud of.

    • what do you mean nothing to be proud of?

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    • Yeah sex... following by denying having had said sex. I don't know what more you want to know...

    • why would you deny that?

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  • he would do her, but he doesn't want people to know that he did her

    • oh why not?

    • I don't know, maybe she isn't a the hottest girl out there and he doesn't want people to know he will sleep with anyone with a vagina