Is this a good prologue for my story? I just wanted to see other opinions good/bad idc. Read the details to see the prologue?

Its cold. Cold and scary. Cold Scary dark and alone. Nobody is home. Should this even be called a home... without her? No! Nothing is the same without her. I've been here in this godforbiden house since she left me. Since they took her away. Her life was taken away fromt he both of us. Right in front of my innocent eyes. I cried and cried every night till my eyes got puffy and red. My mom was my power. My protector. The only one who cared. And now... Nothing. Poof. She was gone and I was stuck... But I will be strong.


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  • It needs improvement.

  • It could use some proofreading; aside from some spelling/punctuation, maybe you meant "godforsaken" instead of "godforbidden"? Also, it's a little short, even for a prologue. Maybe you could elaborate on some of the narrator's thoughts, or take a different approach if you don't feel you can write much more using this approach.

    • Thank you for your recomendations