White Southern people, seriously, why do you love Yeti coolers?

Now I'm not out to generalize. Let me explain myself. (Now I'm not a racist but..)
I live in a small college town in the south. And football is HUGE to my school and the locals. Another thing that is HUGE to people are coolers. You heard me people, portable refridgeration is a sign of status. And I can see why, these coolers start at a price of about $250 US.

I guess beyond the question of why is it school-status; check

How did portable refridgeration get cool?

Examples of these status symbols.

This cooler is $300!
White Southern people, seriously, why do you love Yeti coolers?

This cooler is $379!!

This one is only $250, phew. Isn't that a deal.

If anyone who thinks Yeti is cool could seriously give me an explanation why, it would be greatly appreciated.

Again people, I'm serious. Actual human beings in my home town flip shit over coolers.

  • Yeti coolers and all other merchandise are really cool
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  • Yeti coolers and all other merchandise are highly overrated
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  • I've never even heard of Yeti coolers (neither did I before I moved here)
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Update time: These coolers are so cool, they're given away as prizes to college students.


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  • Have them in Alaska I like Cabelas coolers better. But they are the upper echelon of coolers

    • Thank you for answering.
      I have to say this though, everything should already be relatively cold, it's Alaska :'o (I'm of course assuming as an outsider)
      Why would you need a long lasting cooling. What's the weather like in Alaska?

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    • Born in Mexico City raised in Alaska from age 4 til now. Alaskan 100% I'm from the 907 (2nd largest area code in the world)

    • What's it like in Alaska?
      It's so far from Mexico City.

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What Guys Said 7

  • They must be real serious about their beer down there ;o

    • Insane. It's a part of the culture, especially because of the football.

  • They keep ice longer than anything else

  • Because murica:P
    Well you gotta find a good place to get beer, common lady!

    Anyways, i like my stuff to last long but buying a 300 dollar cooler is ridiculous

  • i went to school in the south and never heard of them. but coolers are a thing in the south to put your alcohol in.

  • You call your school small?
    Haha I mean I guess they're "cool" as you youngsters say, but not worth the price. Voted B
    They're bear proof though, so that's a plus.

    • Lol, considering bear baiting is still legal in this state, I would say the bears have more to worry about than some guy with a cooler of beers.
      The town is tiny. There's so little to do here. I guess I want the big city while I'm young so I can relax in the country when I'm older.
      ':) we can start the age thing again

    • Haha too late, you just said while you were younger! I WIN!

    • >:D never ever ever ever in a million years

  • I'm a white southerner, and I hate sports. I also hate the "party" culture of booze, sex, and football that pervades the Southern USA.

    • I dislike those things too : C
      It's rampant on my campus, along with a few other things.

  • I'm in the south, and never heard of those. But 2 things...

    1. Hot beer is gross

    2. Being able to spend big money on frivolous shit is a status symbol to a lot of people.


What Girls Said 2

  • I have never noticed one of these in my life and i'm from Texas.

    • Good. Must be an SC, college town thing. There's even a store for coolers here. A store for coolers.

  • I live In the south and haven't heard of them

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