What does it take to drive?

every place is diffrent. in Ireland you have to book a theory test get 35/40 right i got 39 then do 12 lessons drive with a l plate book the test waiting list is around 9 weeks pass the test drive with a n plate for 2 years what is it like where ye are from?


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  • Where I live they give you 10 questions and you need to get 7 correct answers, then a practical test and that's it.

    As a pre-requisite you need 200 hours practice (driving a car).

    • Ireland half the people learn around 10 on farms so 200 hours be clocked up fast

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  • In California a 15 year old can take the written test and get a learners permit, where they can drive with a licensed driver as a passenger to learn. At 16 they can take the behind the wheel test and if you pass you're issued a license.

    You don't have to schedule the written test, but making an appointment avoids an hour wait. You have to schedule the driving test and bring a car to drive, you're looking at a couple weeks wait but most people schedule it for their 16th birthday months in advance.

    The total cost is under a couple hundred dollars I believe.

    • you can be any age to do the written test but its on computers for us you can drive a tractor at 16 no one with you just need a prov licence and insured

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  • Shit it's really simple in America. Like not even close to as hard in Ireland. Licensed start at 16 years old.

    • do ye have to do hill starts

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    • Yeah they don't force you to learn stick in America. In fact most cars don't have stick anymore unless they're like, cars made for street racing.

    • if you drive auto here you get slagged off