Why do both boys and girls I know either not know or dislike Hollywood undead? What do you guys think of them?

Hollywood undead is my favourite band but everyone I know dislikes them and I don't understand why if you have any ideas just say.

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  • Don't feel baf. a lot of my friends don't like the bands I like either. People have different music taste.


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  • I've never heard of them but they sound like something I might possibly like. What kind of music they play? And cute pic by the way. Not sure if it's actually you or not but it looks cute anyways

    • Their type of music is rap rock I think you should check them out if you haven't yet.

  • Never bothered listening to them.

  • I think they're kinda lame. Maybe I'm being a conformist but they just seem kinda cheesy to me.


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