Do wig-making charities accept international donations?

I'd like to donate my hair to one of those charities that turn it into wigs for people with cancer. Problem is, there isn't one in my country, or at least, I haven't found one yet. So does anyone know if charities like Wigs for Kids and Cancer Research UK accept donations from abroad? They didn't state specifically on their websites.

Also, anything I should know beforehand besides their guidelines for acceptable hair?


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  • Sure. In April 2000, I had very long hair, but I cut it off for Locks of Love which is for kids who are bald for medical reasons - "have long-term medical hair loss" - like cancer treatment or alopecia. I donated a 22-inch long sample. I just went to the hair cutter and she saved my long donation. All I had to do was put it in a plastic bag and mail it to Locks of Love. Now, the only problem that you MIGHT have is US Customs, but if you simple state that what you are mailing is a gift, that shouldn't be a problem - especially since the vast bulk of mail that Locks of Love gets is people mailing their hair donations.
    Here are the rules for Locks of Love donations:
    Here is contact info:
    Consider emailing asking them this question.
    info @ locksoflove. org


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