Guys, How to tell ur friends with benefits ur prego?

Been seeing these friend for about 11 mon he doesn't really want anything serious with me I think? I asked him what he wanted 3wks ago he wasn't clear we had sex 6 wks ago jus found out im prego I've only been with him. And I don't want to be with someone who is unsure about me I like to keep it 100% well I don't know how to break the news n I don't know if I even want him anymore I feel like I. Can do it all on my own I done it with my first child her dad walked out on us he couldn't handle it any more being responsible parent that is. Well im afriad it might happen again wit him since he's not sure. I no I can do it on my own I don't know if I want him sence I feel used by him. What should I do how do I tell him n what might be the best choices?


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  • You say "hey steve, I'm pregnant " and then watch his reaction. Really, while this sucks, there is no "ok" way of telling him that will keep his behavior a certain way. It is what it is. He will either be ok with it, or not.

    • Thanks I no ur right I guess im jus overthinking the situation.

  • You cannot do it alone. Physically your kids will probably be okay; mentally your kids are going to messed up. Don't have another child or give it up for adoption.