Do women find it attractive when a man hits another dude in the face for getting physical with her?

I met a dude and were cruising and drinking on his boat, later a cute girl came over and we were all drinking and having fun. They had met a week before. I think he was mad because she was flirting with me. He ended up throwing a shot glass that exploded behind our heads (I should've left at that point). He apologized. Then about 20 minutes later he physically pinned her in the corner of his boat (with his back) but she was trying to get by. She looked at me with these wide eyes and said "I'm scared, I'm scared" while making intense eye contact with me. Then after a few seconds he let her by and she came up and was gathering her things behind me. I was going to give her a ride home and the dude came up the ladder sort of aggressively and I lost my temper and hooked him in the face about 3 times and started choking him. I cannot stand by and watch a guy push around a girl, she was maybe 100 pounds. I was worried I was going to hurt the dude (choke him unconscious) so i stopped and gathered my stuff and went to step off the boat. He shoved me from behind and I nailed my ribs on the concrete dock and i am pretty sure I broke a rib. Then he was acting all big and not wanting to let me out of the water. So i swam a few boats down and got out. He must have went and locked his fence at the entrance of his dock. My pants with my wallet and phone and my shoes fell on his dock. I hopped that fence like nothing, and made him tell me where my shoes were and got my pants and wallet and jumped back over the fence to leave. After all the fighting I heard the girl say "wait for me" but i was pissed off and worried I was going to really hurt the dude, so I just walked to my car. She never came (she probably thought I was gone). She had given me her phone number while on the boat. I texted her later that night apologizing for the drama and telling her I hope she made it off the boat okay, but i she never texted me back! did I do the right thing?


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  • I actually think you did. I just wonder if the girl thinks that your violence would carry over to women, even though it was necessary IMHO? (I hate to say it, but sometimes being too much of a bad-ass can scare some women, even though it was done in her interest).

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