Guys, Do you care about a girls softness/hardness of her stomach?

does soft stomachs bother you? I work out regulary, i normally do intervalls or powerlifting and im in quite good shape. But i dont have a flat and hard stomach.. and i often i feel like i "trick" people by looking fit, but in reality i dont have a coompletely flat stomach..

It doesn't bulgde out or anything, a size M is loose around my waste and stomach area.

It doesn't bother me unless i cuddling with a guy, and the start to stroke my belly and stuff.. I dont tell them to stop because i feel like if i pin point it they will notice and care about it more compared to if i dont say anything and pretend it doesn't bother me lol

So do you care about the softenss or hardness of a girls stomach?

  • Dont care at all
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  • Dont care as long as it doesn't bulgde out/has a lot of fat
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  • Only want to date a girl with a flat stomach
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  • If it is exactly as you describe, I doubt many guys will care. The most important guy is the one you are with, and if he is stroking it and caressing it, he is liking it. So it is nothing to worry about with him. You worrying about it could cause problems, so it is best to not worry about it.

    Work out at firming it if you wish. That certainly will not hurt. But don't worry about something that is not really a problem.

  • Personally, I like just a little bit of a soft belly on a woman. More feminine.

  • I'd prefer if it's a bit soft, it won't feel nice if her stomach is too hard. A little bit of fat is good

  • I like a little squish, it's smoother and easier to hold on to :3

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