"Dangerous" Jobs. How Dangerous Are They?

A story on dangerous jobs currently on MSN. COM lists jobs that have high health and life risks. The one that struck me as strangest was that in the UK, Education is the most injury-prone sector, with 1,736 people reporting non-fatal injuries between 2012 and 2013. No deaths were reported. What the heck are you people doing in the UK?

Construction workers was an included sector, and of course I understand that. But also included was retail workers. In 2014 Australia reported six deaths and 11,200 serious injuries. The UK reported no deaths but 7,000 injuries, 1,619 being major, between 2012 and 2013. These included falls, accidents and injuries from crimes such as robbery.

Farming was bad, also. In the US, half of the workers who die in the agriculture, fishery, and forestry sectors are farmers. I would have expected forestry to be pretty high, but I guess since farming involves whole families, and is not controlled safety-wise like other industries, equipment may be dangerous and family members untrained in some safety procedures.

I would like to hear what you think the most dangerous jobs are. And also would love to hear how education is the most dangerous in the UK.

The article may be found at www.msn.com/.../ss-BBmuW17
Just pushing for other responses.


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  • Barista.

    Hey, people suffering from caffeine withdrawal symptoms can get pretty damn nasty!

    • lmao. I have never seen anyone go bananas at Starbucks. Although I do see some people there that I wonder about. Like the would-be ventriloquist sitting in there having a conversation with his dummy.

    • Your answer made me laugh.

    • I'm glad. Thanks for MHO!

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  • Rattlesnake wrangler

    • I don't think Rattlesnake wrangler is a general field, though one guy calls himself that. https://www.rattlesnakewrangler.com
      If you get more inclusive by saying snake wrangler, or even deadly or dangerous snake wrangler, that seems to be in common use. Dirty Jobs once did a segment on Deadly Snake Wranglers. And I would agree that it is dangerous!

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  • Hella dangerous!

  • I think one dangerous job is being a FedEx driver. Or any job where you have to deliver packages in the country. You have to deal with customers dogs. And they are not meant to be friendly 😬😬

    • Good point, Any delivery service from FedEx to pizza delivery faces problems like these.

  • I'm from the UK and I'm surprised that the education sector is dangerous. Though, thinking about it, my primary school teacher once had to confiscate a gun off a pupil...

    • I was surprised, also. Certainly there are the quirky incidents, like the one you mentioned, but overall... Wow?

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