My girlfriend is having problems at work, Should we be worried the manager took her desk?

So my girlfriends manager has been acting really odd lately. She's brand new, barely been there a month. The first incident, the manager didn't fully read an email, and replied stating my girlfriend didn't know what she was talking about. It was a very serious email but if he had read the whole thing it explained everything, he overreacted.

The next incident just happened today, they took her desk. She's been sharing a desk with a part time marketer and today she heard through another coworker she can't use that desk anymore. She asked the manager what am I suppose to do without a desk and the mgr said you don't need a desk... She def needs a desk, what is she suppose to work out of the lobby? What should we do, also my girlfriend is in training to be the asst mgr. I swear she hasn't done anything to provoke this behavior. She's brand new she hasn't had time to do anything crazy to deserve that.

She's kinda hurt and upset. It just causes all this unnecessary stress...


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  • Sounds like it will be all over soon.

    • I know right doesn't sound good at all, it's so weird. Everything's been going fine from what she said. She swears she hasn't mess anything up or cause any problems. Another thing is this manager is in a little hot water, corporate meets with him twice a week to see how things are going...

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