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My son is 2 he loves the show Go Diego Go. I hate it. He gets mad when I don't wanna watch it with him or if I turn it off. I can't stand it. I also don't think its appropriate for kids either. Today my son was watching it Diego and Dora were trying to help a turtle find him a friend but they said it was a girl friend for him " so he wouldn't be alone " that's not true they just don't want kids to know about sex because at the end they showed baby turtles. They also met a " blue footed booby bird " wtf. They say booby in a kids cartoon. They also kept saying booby over and over to watch out for booby traps. Last week he watched one where Diego saved a baby Koala who was playing in the road and almost got hit by a truck and the koala said it was his " 1 year old birthday ". My son told me if it werent for Diego he would have been killed by that truck and never would have gotten to celebrate his birthday. I thought that was so sad and disturbing. Why in the world would they even put that in a cartoon. He may be 2 but he's really smart. But not to mention Diego is also just as stupid as Dora I can see why they're related. This shouldn't be a cartoon this should be on animal planet or history channel with real people bot for kids. Don't you hate Diego? Why is it even for children?


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  • I love Go Diego Go. That was one of my favorite modern day shows as a kid.


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