What do you do when more than one person won't let you sit with them at lunch?

I dont have friends at my lunch period on A days so I sit by myself. Before I tried sitting with these girls and they ignored me when I asked, and today I asked these girls but they actually said no (which caught me off guard because i wasn't going to talk to them anyway). My crush witnessed me getting rejected and sitting down at a empty table which made it even worse. I also tried sitting at this table with someone I knew but there were other girls at this table and she kinda ignored me and the girl sitting in front of me turned away from me and towards the other girls (so obvious body language that I was univited). The girl that I kinda knew usually sits by herself as well and we would hang out together so it's weird that she would ignore me then. Should I try to ask people again? I feel weird just sitting at a table without announcing myself and I feel weird sitting at a table where no one talks to me. And not to be judgmental but I guess I shouldn't ask girls who seem popular? It seems like the girls with chic/expensive clothes, ugg boots, leggings, scarves and flowery book bags/lunch bags are the ones that tend to be rude to me. I've noticed that quiet, shy, artistic, tech 3rd/theatre girls are the ones that I tend to get along with.


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  • TBH there's nothing that you can do about it. Well besides either choosing to "get in where you fit in or to willingly go someplace where you are not wanted" which is the dumbest thing you can do in this situation IMHO.

    Since you're going to set yourself up for failure 99% of the time via them badmouthing you behind your back, give yourself the rep of being a "tryhard" who no-one likes because you try so hard to "look cool/fit in" in front of them, have a fight because you got tired of them "looking down on you" or treating you some type of way etc.

    Or you could hang out with the "quiet, shy, artistic, tech 3rd/theater girls" girls of the world who barely have any friends now. So that'll usually accept you for who you're + value you more since they don't want to lose ya. i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif

    So yeah if those are girls that you can laugh/be yourself around I say you should hang out with them. This is a no brainer if ya as me #AFriendIsAFriend ^_^

    • Well besides choosing to either "get in where you fit in or to willingly go someplace where you are not wanted" which IMHO is the dumbest thing that you can do in this situation. *

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    • If you don't know anyone simply sit at a table and see if they "welcome you". If that doesn't work go to another table and try the same thing and when all else fails you could always sit alone with your phone out, right? (if they allow that).

      How long have you been going to this school? And I can see how/why this would be so annoying now.

      I don't know what to say because I have always made friends so easy + had about 3 places to sit at lunch (even 1 week into the school year with people I've never talked to).

    • I've been going to this school for 2 years. In my freshman year I had friends in both lunches, in my sophmore year I had friends in one lunch and one friend in the other lunch. In this year I have friends in one lunch but no one on A days. I also have sat with the same people I knew since freshman year so I haven't really gotten out of my 'circle'.

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  • You technically can sit where you want. They don't own any of the seats in the lunchroom. But I get not wanting to sit with a bunch of rude, snobby bitches. I'd much rather sit alone and not care what anyone thinks about it.