Who out there has overcome their horrible sleeping problems?

I'm a night owl who is a light sleeper with insomnia and when I do fall asleep it never seems to last long before I am wide awake again. It's becoming detrimental :(


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  • My boyfriend has the same issue. I'm the opposite sorta. I can stay up for hours, wake up early even if I don't want to, and I'm anemic so I'm tired all the time and no amount of sleep really helps.

    • bummer... nothing gives you energy?

    • I've been drinking coffee here lately. But other than making sure I eat things with iron (easier said then done on a college budget) not really. I've learned to deal with it. There's also iron supplements I can take but I don't have any

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  • I did.

    I couldn't sleep at night at all but somehow I have fixed it

    I don't know if I have insomnia but it felt like I did.
    I stayed awake the whole day and tried to stay awake till 12pm. Then sleep. And try to stick to the same routine.

    • I don't even have to try to stay up past 12... and I work early. 4-5 hours sleep maybe. My sleep button is flawed :(

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