What causes a red face?

I think my face actually fluctuates from pale to red throughout the day. I think the humidity is low today, so maybe that's why. I live in Houston so we always have like 80 percent humidity except for this time of year. My face is red and feels/looks a little dried out after being in the shower. I don't use soap on it either cause that dries it out for sure like we all know. Normally I blame it from being outside all the time, but I'm beginning to think it just turns red on it's own.


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  • The color of your face normally depends on the amount of blood in it. Like when you are embarrassed you blush and blood rushes to your face because nature is weird like that. However I bet your right about it having to do with the temperature. When your hot, or exerting energy like in a workout there is more blood flow to col you off and keep your body temperate regular. I would not worry because nothing is wrong :)


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