Do you like looking ugly sometimes?

It's almost like a solace.

Kind of like knowing that no one can see the real you.

Or sometimes it's just tiring always getting unwanted attention. It's nice being invisible at times.


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  • 1. Fuck you.

    2. The "real you" has nothing to do with physical appearance.

    3. Seriously, fuck you. A lot of us would kill for some "unwanted attention". Congrats, you're a special person people want to get to know thanks to your vagina.

    • Actually, just wanted to point out: people are attracted to me because of my kindness which is also complemented by my looks.

      Not the body seeing as how I'm always covered

    • Doubt it.

    • I'm sorry, I get pissy when I'm tired.

Most Helpful Girl

  • i LOVE not putting effort into my appearance sometimes. and it's true, when i do, i tend to become more... invisible, although i must admit for me that is a bittersweet feeling because it makes me realise just how people's perception changes based on what they see.


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  • I understand what you are saying. People can be tiring sometimes. You just want to disappear at times.

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