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8 cell 92w hour battery.

I'm looking at buying a laptop. I want a good one. Good for games, good for art. I'm looking for a drawing tablet too, but laptop first because the quicker I can burn the school one the better.

Now, the problem with that is I have no idea what half the shit means when they talk about Core3D-EX or lithium ion or 17.3 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Anti-Glare 300-nits Display (I know what anti-glare and display is).

But, I've worked out enough to figure out the computer I'm looking at is good.

I'm looking at the Alienware 17, problem is that it's expensive as all heck, and I don't understand a few bits of mumbo jabble when I'm looking at the bits that are important to me.

Like battery life.

8 cell 92w hour battery
8-cell Lithium Ion (92 WHr) Battery.

Does this mean it has a good battery? All my electronics have a tendency to be arseholes and just run out of battery as quick as they can. I understand I have all the shit brands, and school computers just suck by default, but I might be spending real good money on this thing, so I need to know that it's good.



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  • Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell, which is a very good brand. It appears to be designed to be good for gaming.

    Lithium ion is the latest and greatest for batteries.

    FHD is Full High Definition, the name for the 1920 x 1080 display.

    Nit is the unit for luminance. Mobile devices average 200 to 300 nits. 300 and above are good.

    92 WHr refers to how much total "juice" it can put out. 92 hours at one watt or one hour at 92 watts, or any compo that equals that. how long it maintains your computer depends on how much your computer draws.


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  • basically with laptops you have to decide: performance or longevity. it it´s a performer (as alienware or asus rog laptops) the akku won´t make it above 4 hours. or you get a decent ultrabook, where there´s no performance for heavy duty workloads but the akku will last you 8+ hours. the technical specs of the akku doesn´t tell you anything. you have to find out how much the laptop draws under load, then you can tell how long the akku can take that.

    • Could you dumb that down for me?

    • ok just assume for the example the akku has 100 whr but the laptop under load (gaming or rendering) draws 50 whr. that means it will be dead in 2 hours. demanding tasks need power, power needs a lot of akku life. so if you´re not doing heavy shit like rendering or gaming, i suggest you buy an ultrabook.

    • i´m not saying you can easily find those values out. manufacturers just give you an "average" akku live, which says how long the akku will last under a load that the manufacturer thinks is "normal". so if you´re just browsing facebook, you will probably reach more hours than the manufacturer claims but if you´re gaming, it will be significantly less.


    This is a very good gaming laptop, including tax and shipping it would be less than $1000 ! :-D

  • Alienware is the 2nd most overpriced brand in the world, after Apple.

    • In terms of desktops, definitely so. You can buy parts separately and have a computer shop put it all together, for cheaper.

      You can get a really good laptop gaming PC for about $1000, Alienware would have a midrange gaming laptop for $1200. But us knowledgable about PC gaming, know that a desktop is way better for ventillating heat and getting the most powerful parts possible. :-D

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