Anyone? I feel inadequate for my crush because I have no friends & im a loner... And he has so many friends.. He probably thinks I'm a loser. Right?

I just finished my coffee meet with this guy at my college. He was super friendly, talkative, and it lasted 2 hours. I was the one who introduced myself to him because I'm attracted to him, and it's rare that I ever talk to anyone. It's my 3rd year at this private college and I've made no friends because that's just me. I have some golden friends back at home, and honestly with my family.. That's all I want. And a boyfriend of course (; but I love my solitude.. I'm open to more friends but I just haven't had the desire.

But he has so many friends, boys and girls. He asked me what crowd I hang around.. And I couldn't even answer because I AM my crowd. Throughout the evening at points he would mention other friends, which also made me wonder if he just views me as another friend since he has other female friends.

I know I'm attractive, so I have that going for me. I've never been friend zoned before, but I honestly feel so inadequate because I can't just go off of brains and beauty... I'm smart and "unique" and attractive people tell me, but I feel like I'm never as great as how others view me and I end up just being a disappointment.

Also, I feel like he thinks I'm boring because I was like brain-farting the whole time. Like he asked me for favorites of things and I couldn't say my favorite movie or song or anything because I just blanked out. He said next time you'll have to show me your music and things because I feel bad because it's been mainly about me.


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  • College is kinda tough when it comes to friends... people join together in unity when they are scared of unknown events to come... for example, you seem to have dealt with moving away from home just fine... others (like him maybe) don't take it so well and they feel the need to get involved with all sorts of people just to seem "cool" or not "lonely"... Yeah you should just go for it as it's not like he spends two hours drinking coffees with all his other friends right?

    • I was thinking that too.. I've always thought that. I've just recently felt this way because of him, like how I look to other college kids when I'm always alone and prefer to read, write, and do other stuff while they do more "fun" or hip things. Like, he has much more social interactions than I do.. So maybe having coffee with me was nothing. But for me, since I never do things with others, it was huge.

      But yeah, I think you're right. And haha, I sure hope he doesn't. I'll go for it apprehensively (:

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  • to be honest... you're in the friendzone. You barely communicate (brainfarts, blanking out) so basically letting him hold a conversation for 2. Sorry to break it to you, shy or not. If i would talk to a girl like that over coffee, she is friendzoned "like that". good luck tho ;)

    • I didn't brain fart that bad. I was personable and made him laugh a lot.. I just was insecure about telling him anything about me.

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    • I don't think you know me at all. -_-

      I think it's good to have confidence when all through adolescence everyone is trying to trash you. I feel good about who I am.

    • thats right i don't and i most likely wouldn't want to, since you're story and how you see you're self gives me the "she's just another b*tch" vibe (pardon my french) i think others would agree with me. But whatever works for you young miss. :)

  • Guys don't care about a girls social status, girls do. We just care that you're hot.

    • Lol. I'm hot, so hey at least there's that.

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