Do some parents excessively worry about their kid?

For instance if you had my mother and happened to catch a cold or fever that day, she would literally check up on you every 10 mins or so even when you're already better to the point it's annoying.

If you were to tell her that you're feeling a bit tired but that it's ok, that it's no big deal I'm doing much better... she'll already exaggerate and make you still rest. Or already end up telling the doctor that you're very overwhelmed and weak (adding more stuff to it). Literally if you were to even pretend to still be as sick as before, she would make you miss school or work.

I don't see myself becoming like her if I were a parent. If I were a mother and my child had let's say the common day, I would calculate that within 2-3 days they'll get better and make them go to school after a day.

I actually never pretended to be sick when I wasn't. Instead, I would fight to get better ASAP in order for her to stop worrying and checking up on me constantly. Basically, I wanted to get it over with sooner and get back on track fast.


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  • Sure, they can worry excessively... Some of it I'm sure is just natural when you have a kid, they mean the world to you so of course you're going to worry and want to make sure they are OK, some of it might also be blowing things out of proportion.


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