What would a HS do if you graduate by cheating on an assessment exam?

Way back in HS, I only needed to pass a reading standardized exam known as the FCAT. I ''passed'' the 2nd reading retake in 11th grade but to be honest, I really cheated by looking at another girl's sheet. Summer school tutoring wasn't helping at all and by then I didn't care anymore. I had good grades and I simply wanted to pass that exam.

Off course I got my HS diploma long ago in 2005. If my former HS were to find out this secret by now or if I were to tell them (just to brag) what would they do by now?

Needless to say I'm now in my last semester of college. But yes, I'm curious as to what would their response would be in that hypothetical situation that they find out or I tell them?


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  • They would revoke it which would mean that you did not have the requisite requirements to enter college and that would cause you to lose all your credits. You would need to go back and start everything over from where you were when you cheated.

    Of course, jk. I have no idea what they would do, but why tempt fate? Forget it and move on. Don;t go back to gloat.


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  • they can revoke it.