Signs of stalking/obsession?

A guy or girl you know but don't talk to watches you from a great distance, shows up where he knows you will be, stares so much, talks about you to his friends, speaks loudly when you are around, gets jealous and starts talking rudely about any guy you are with, their friends adds you on fb. Besides the obvious that he likes me, should i be worried? Does he sound like a stalker? Anyone evr experienced anything similiar?


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  • He could be a stalker, or he could just be slightly awkward but has a huge crush on you. The showing up where you will be, speaking loudly, and getting jealous makes sense for someone that has a crush.

    The staring, and his friends adding you on fb sounds a little weird. That's a little stalker-ish.

    I guess overall he probably just has a crush on you

    • I see.. Ok thank you!

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