Why don't people respect me?

I'm usually very quiet and focused when I'm at school, but with my friends, I'm more outgoing. For some reason though, even though I don't talk to anybody, I still get teased by other girls. For example, when o was running in gym, they kept falsely cheering me on. One of them even called me "boo." And then, they'll ask if I'm their friend. I always say no, and they swear at me. As for the guys.. They don't even care.


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  • You're a unique person that isn't following the social norms of most students, so they are ostracizing you for it.

    Common teenage stuff. Trust me, you will find your group of like-minded people and you will be able to more easily ignore your haters.

    • I do have friends..

    • Then fuck those ppl! The more you are apathetic about people who don't care about you, the better your will be mentally and emotionally.

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  • Some people enjoy making other people feel bad :( specially in school. It's always best if you ignore them and know that it's not really about YOU what they're doing, it's about THEM because some people are always trying to find other ones to tease or laught at.


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  • It's because you're the quiet girl.

  • 1, Are you fat?
    2. Are you ugly?

    • Yes to both. Or heck out the picture from my other question to determine if I'm ugly or not.

    • sorry to hear that. If you truly own both "qualities" then your life is hard and will remain hard. You definitely have to lose weight and hope it will bring you higher.

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