How do I ask a girl online why she is suddenly talking to me without sound like a complete douche?

So, my co worker's daughter (she's 17/18) sent me a friend request on fabook. I've never met her but i know about her so im guessing she's heard of me to. Anyyway, i didn't add her but i didn't ignore it either. I told my co worker and he told me to ignore her. But now, she's started sendiing me messages. I replied as it would be rude not to but my replies are blunt as i hope she understood that im not trying to carry the convo. But she still keeps asking me questions so im trying to find a way of asking her why she's sudddenly talking to me. I dont want to tell her dad again as it will make me feel like a snitch.


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  • Why does it bother you that she's suddenly talking to you? Does it make you uncomfortable? If so, tell her you feel uncomfortable and would rather not chat. If she persists, just delete her. Otherwise I say just be a bit more laidback and talk away..

    • it's only making me unconfortable cause 1. she's my co workers daughter. My coworker is a very big guy and he could kill me if he ever found out I've talking to her.

      2. I've never had a girl suddenly start convos with me so this is all new to me and I'm not sure how to go around that

      3. she's not my friend, i never added her on Facebook, she just messaged me. She just asked me for my whatsapp which i certainly don't want to give for the above reasons. She clearly has an agenda. I just don't know what it is

    • If your uncomfortable and don't want to speak to her and feel horrible if your ignoring her, id say the best thing is to do is tell her your uncomfortable. If you think that might be too awkward i say just delete her/block her. This way you can forget about it all and your removed from your uncomfortable situation and she'll take the hint and move onto adding the next random person to chat to! I don't think there's a nice way to ask someone what theyre after.. its always going to be awkward..

    • yhh i told her and she didn't exactly take it too kindly. I've just ignored her now

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  • just say not that i mind or im curious how come you messaged me :)
    most likely she likes you, her agenda cannot be much bigger than that...


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  • Ask what she wants.

    • how do i do that though in the nicest possible way.

    • Say that you have no interest in a conversation with her. And thus rather not talk anymore.

      If she keeps going on, than delete or block her.