What is your favorite branch of the military?

Just curios and why?

  • Amy
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  • Marines
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  • Navy
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  • Air Force
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  • Coast Guard
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  • My father was a special forces but I like the air force 😛

    • Thanks to your dad for his service, SF rocks! What does your dad think about that lol? My boyfriends dad and older brother were Mariners and he went Army, I've seen first hand branch rivalry at its finest ha

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    • They really do not get enough credit

    • They get a hell lot of a credit here 😛

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  • Air Force because I wanna be in Top Gun! haha

  • Amy


    • There's this cool former Army Ranger on YouTube called mbest11x that has these really hilarious rap battles about branch rivalries if you'd be interested you should check them out

    • Thank you I will

  • No navy seals?

    • I noticed no one voting Navy yet and was a little puzzled myself. I though everyone likes SEALS since they killed UBL

  • Defo the marines, The marines being formed since WW2 and Nato,
    Served in World war 2, Vietnam and Iraq...

    The realest of the army,

    • I want to go Army because I love SF and Rangers but I have soo much respect for the Marines, Semper Fi

  • I don't like military at all :P
    But I guess river flotilla is ok :)


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