How to have a social life after college that is like college?

In college, i had hookups, a girlfriend, many friends I studied with, partied with, and went out with. How can I go out with friends if most of them will be busy with relationships and work post college? Do people still go out to diners til 4 am or party all night long? I was in a stem major, so my frat was my prime source of meeting chicks. and we weren;t much of a party school, so my frat bailed us out, and it was co ed.

how can i achieve a college style social life post college?

and how can i hang with my female best friend who will get married soon?


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  • I know what you mean. Social life and dating was so easy then.

    You have to be independent now, there's no frat. You just meet people, introduce yourself anywhere you go and build a circle of friends. Everyone is busy so it's hard to be close with a ton of people but you just do what you can.

    people still party, just get in touch with social people. They throw parties, go to clubs too.

    I also wrote a MyTake on meeting dates at the gym which may be helpful, that's been huge for me. Definitely number one way to meet dates after college for me.


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  • When your friends have kids and jobs the 4am stuff goes away. Marriage makes hanging out a package deal with their spouse.

    Get a high paying job so even when older your money will attract college aged girls so you can still hang with the college crowd is my best advice.

  • Go work on a cruise ship... its like collage. Otherwise , that part of your life is over

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