"They are asking to be judged"?

I was having a conversation with my friend and she was saying how there are people on social media or at our school who 'ask to be judged'. I asked her what she meant by that and she said something like "Well if a girl is going to take half naked pictures and post them all online, then she knows she's going to get called a slut and she's going to get judged for it. So she shouldn't act suprised and care when people actually judge her. If that girl really didn't want to get called a slut then she shouldn't of posted the pictures."
Do you agree with what she said? I kinda do but kinda dont. I dont know.


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  • I agree. Girls who post half naked stuff want attention. They want to be called hot, sexy. They want likes from guys (or girls if they're gay). And inevitably, some girls who are jealous or who just don't like to see other girls showin off like that will start callin her a slut and other names. The girl postin the half naked pics isn't dumb, so she knows she will likely get called a slut. The thing is, some of these girls get super offended and it's like, well yeah, what do you expect? Others just brush it off. I hope this helped.


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  • Well by that logic the girls who are judging are just asking to be called a jealous bitch lol.
    If you go around calling girls sluts online don't act surprised and care when people judge you for that as well.

  • No one asks to be judged just as no one asks to be insulted, attacked, etc. Saying someone "wants to be ____" is a form of victim blaming, which is placing the fault on the victim in order to relieve oneself of fault and clear one's conscience.


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