What do you think the guy is up to?

My boss has been super friendly to me, although he yelled at me 1 time about a weird guy I mentioned that has a crush on me. My boss stands super close to me, tried to hug me, does me a lot of favors including spending thousands on me. He also offered me his lip balm when I ran out of mine.

He also has lots of lady friends & rarely texts me... but when I'm in the room all other women are ignored.

Do you think he's just being friendly? Not actually attracted to me, just caring?


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  • Might be trying to work to get you. You could have done the same with the other women so he is not paying them no mind. That could be the reason why his attention is on you. If he get you and another woman come along then, you will probably fall in line with the other women he ignores.

    • That's what I am worried about. Kept him at arms length and just shook his hand. He certainly is attractive, but I don't want to be his toy.

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    • I will be strong! Thanks for the input.

    • No problem!

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  • maybe something bad


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  • i think he is attracted to you.

    but what kind of man uses lip balm?

    • A man that doesn't want chapped lips?(No, I don't use it. Just sayin'.)

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    • im just trolling you lol. i already said i think he is attracted to you.

    • :D ok

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