Poll: who do you think would have a better chance of being elected president of the US, a Jew or an Arab Christian?

Disclaimer: I'm not asking who you'd prefer to be in office but who, given popular views in the US, would have a better chance of getting elected president.

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  • i would wonder why people are voting based on religion and nothing else. it could go either way. i dont think religion is a deciding factor here.


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  • Neither to be honest even as a Christian myself I will vote for the person with sound morals, values and the insight, wisdom and if possible experience necessary to run the country and get it back on track.

    Also there are no Arab Christians running for president and Bernie sanders is only Jewish by birth he is not part of the Jewish religion or faith, having a religion does not qualify you to run a nation especially one as diverse as ours so I really don't get the question seeing how neither of the two you put in there are belong to anyone in the election that I am aware of.

    Again I will vote for the person who will have unbiased outlook, and will run the country properly and with sound morals and values when it comes to things like this I don't let my judgment become clouded.


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  • In reality, there are no "Arab christians"... Christians in "Arab countries are not Arabs by origin, their countries were occupied by the Arabs in the 7-9th century (Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia).

  • Im Jewish, so, I'm a little biased with my answer