If a guy doesn't pay much attention to you?

Does that mean he doesn't like you? Especially if he's very interested in someone else you're sitting with. As in having a real conversation with them about travelling, and not really making an effort to 'include you,' as well.

I thought I looked pretty.


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  • Haha, "i thought i looked pretty".. it could mean he doesn't like you, but at the same time it could mean he doesn't feel as comfortable around you because you looked too pretty, maybe. try to get involved in the conversation too.. if you're not gona talk, why would you even be there? to sit there and look pretty?

    • I think he sort of just had this, 'she's not going to get it,' attitude towards me.

      Like I'm not interesting enought o talk to.

      Stupid boy.

      He was saying all this stuff about travelling to peru etc. etc.

      Now to be fair to me, I may not have travelled much in my life but I assure you neither has that girl.

      I really hate when boys do things like this. They have no idea how much it hurts to be not included when girls are already horrible to beautiful women.

      Flashback to middle school being called in the guidance counsellor's office for why people were bullying me. The counsellor was like all, 'is it because you're really pretty?' and I was thinking yeah right they just all hate me.

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    • By the way: don't boys do this thing where they play hot and cold to get girls to like them?

      This could be a way of getting him on my mind. And surely enough it's actually working look at what I'm talking about

    • maybe you don't really like him. you're just bothered by the fact that an "ugly girl" is getting all the attention.

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  • You just said it, "he's very interested in someone else you're sitting with".
    Granted its a bit rude, but hey, he thinks he has a shot... he took it.
    oh, by the way, pretty has nothing to do with it. Guys don't see "pretty".

    • The girl beside me wasn't pretty. At all.

      That's what confused me. If there was some drop dead gorgeous chick I'd get it, but her?

      Honestly I wonder if he maybe just hates attractive women because he can't get any

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    • I'm pretty=face.

      I'm not even sure you'd classify me as 'hot' so a guy wouldn' tbe interested in em only for ahem ahem.

      Shallowness my foot. Those ugly girls are not 'nice' they are pretend nice. They're nice because if they were horrible no one would put up with them.

      I don't mean that about all unattractive people. Some of them may not be conventionally good-looking but they're genuinely good people that make them good-looking, sort of like this glow about them.

      She is not one of them.

      But alas, everyone assumes the underdog is the better person

    • I like the way you think... reminds me of my ex-gf. Its amusing... and thats where it ends.
      You may be right that they are pretend nice but why classify them as ugly? what makes them ugly? the same way you just said "Some of them may not be conventionally good-looking but they're genuinely good people, that make them good-looking, sort of like this glow about them."...

      you don't think that could be flipped around? like "Some of them may be good looking but in reality are narcissistic assholes that depend on looks and people notice that darkness about them."...

  • Who knows. Is he friends with her, like did he meet her before he met you.

    • No, he literally met her just then, (when he came up to us).

      I thought he had no one to talk to so he just came up to us, but didn't understand why he was being so not inclusive towards me

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    • We were at a table. Of three.

    • Maybe he found her attractive and only had her on his mind, who knows.

  • He could still like you, but he doesn't care about you.

    • What does that mean? How can you like someone and not care about them.

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    • @Asker I'm just saying it is possible to like someone while not caring about getting anywhere with them when you like someone else as well.

    • It bothers me he likes her for some reason.

      I think it's almost like saying that a girl like her can win over me. In which world would that be true

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