Were they all laughing at me?

I transferred to this University and wouldn't shut up about my home University.

At one point in time one of them asked, 'Is it because of the people, or?' in a not very inviting way.

And then I went back to my home University, and all my friends turned their back on me. The university I transferred to was highly prestigious and my home University not even close.

Later on when I ran into one of them and they saw how no one was giving me importance, they were laughing.

I had all these attachments. I was kind of bullied at both Unis and it was so weird and hard to explain. But I wonder if all of them thought I came back for my friends and I was insane.


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  • it's ok to be laughed at. today my coworker told a funny ass joke that made me laugh so hard i banged my head on my desk. it lumped up a little bit. they laughed more, i laughed more, it was a good time.

    im sure you're a great person. don't let them get you down. back when i went to college, those were the type of people that are working menial labor jobs today. guess who's laughin now bitches!!! hahaha


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  • Congratulations on progressing your education for one. Two. Stop caring what people think. Focus on your studies because to be quite honest that is your priority not people that bully you.

  • Maybe your just over thinking it. Don't assume to much, no ones psychic.


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