Do you believe in spiritual beings?

Do you believe in spiritual beings? Personally I don't but I do find the paranormal interesting. I was watching Shane Dawson (A youtuber) do a Ouija board. He also pulls out a app which locates a spirit on a radar and then says words if the spirit is trying to say. I downloaded the app, and tried it for around a minute but nothing appeared. I then went and had tea and tried it again. It picked one up and as I went to exit it, it said the word dinner.
On the app description it said there is no proof that it is real and should be used as entertainment. But what I was wondering personally do you think it was a fluke that it had said dinner. I left my phone in my room and sat in the same place.
If you want to try it your self search ghost radar. It will have a green radar circle and red writing.
Below is the video I had watched first.


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  • That stuff is very dangerous you really shouldn't mess around with it. To put it really simply, the only things that respond to that are evil spirits.


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  • I personally believe in ghosts as my mother lived in a haunted house growing up and told my sisters and I the stories, plus we have experiences with the said spirit as well. And to top it off we live in a town famous for ghosts among s few other things.

    • What kind of things did you experienced.

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    • The paranormal isn't really talked about in my house, like we watch horrors every once and a well. I mean I've lived in this house for nine years and nothing has happened. Can you feel the spirits or anything

    • If spirits are around generally the area where they are will be cold. One thing I can possibly compare it to is you know how there's sometimes a random especially warm or cold spot in a pool? It's a bit like that. That's why some ghost hunters use machinery that monitors temperature.

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  • Maybe, I don't know if I believe in ghosts but I do believe in some kind of life force.

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