What is the most recent lie you've told yourself?

For me it was, "I'm going to get out this chair and prepare for bed." (it's 4:39 am here est) I told myself this three times for the past two-three hours now. Lol

So what about u?


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  • I was going to quit my job and leave everything behind to travel the world. Im close to that point.

    • I know how u feel. I keep thinking about dropping out of college again, but ik i can't. Not this time around. Just gotta hang in there cuz we're at least doing something with our lives, right?

    • True I mean I dont hate my job but sometimes I believe we could more with are lives.

    • I always feel that way. I'm still thinking that way and I believe I can make it happen, it's just getting up the nerve to do it.

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