Why am I depressed for no reason?

I took a test online, and scored 63. They said i have severe depression. My mom also has depression issues. She takes medicine for it. I don't know why I feel depressed. My mom and dad are divorced, I never knew him. I have to deal with people messing with me sometimes. But those things and others don't really vet me down. I simply feel worthless and I can't fall asleep easily. I takes me an hour sometimes to go to sleep. I am not sure if I have severe depression but I do remember last year I locked myself in my closet because I was extremely depressed. So do I or don't i? And if yes then why?


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  • Well, it would be best to see an actual therapist, but if online guides are suggesting you are, you certainly might be.

    You asked 'why are you depressed for no reason', but that's almost a definition of what depression is. When we are sad for a reason, we are sad. When we are sad because something bad happens, we are grieving. Depression is not those things.

    All of us have good and bad things in our lives. When we can't appreciate the good, and are focused on the bad, that's depression. The 'cause' is some mixture of your hormonal state, and your behaviors (which includes, to a very large extent, your thought behaviors).

    If your mother has depression issues, it's less surprising you would. You may have similar hormonal issues. You may have also learned some similar anxiety coping techniques, or thought patterns from her, that make both of you unhappy.

    You do not have to feel that way forever. There are steps that can help.

    I'd suggest a few things:
    - talk to your mother, who I'd hope is sympathetic. Tell her you feel you may be struggling with depression, and that it's possibly severe enough you should see a doctor. Which she could arrange.
    - Eat fairly healthy, try to have a very set sleep schedule, exercise. Not doing those things can make depression worse. Make your 'depression' as easy to deal with as possible by doing the small things that at worst do nothing but make you healthier, but at best can improve your hormonal state.
    - cognitive behavior therapy. Ideally with a therapist. In the meantime (or if you're not able to get one), look into things like the free website https://moodgym.anu.edu.au/welcome which offer tools for teaching and practicing CBT techniques on your own. Don't expect instant results, do expect that practicing healthier thought processes will help over time.
    - know that two of the biggest things that make people happier are a good network of relationships, and doing work to help those in need.

    I'd suggest you follow through with the latter three whether or not you are clinically depressed. Clearly, you could be happier than you are.

    It can get better. I wish you the best.


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