Opinions on my shyness?

When I was little, I could hardly look up into the eyes of anyone I didn't know extremely well. My face was usually looking down to the floor, just high enough to know where I was walking. I was always extremely quiet, and simply could not start a conversation.

Later in my life, I could look up just fine, I was able to talk a bit louder, and it became possible,(but still hard), to start a conversation.

Nowadays, I'm still pretty quiet. I want to talk as loud as everyone else, but fear accidentally talking too loud. I'm working on controlling the exact volume of my voice after hardly using it for so much of my life.

I try to talk to people, but am paranoid about accidentally interrupting them. Especially groups of people. Practicing all of this was easier in school, but now the only people I can try to talk to besides my family are people in church. (Med issues) They are, however, always in groups and in loud rooms. (Both of which make it very hard.) I also have very little time to try each week.


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  • If i were u, approaching lonely people is the best way to start out before approaching griups of people cuz that will take less pressure off of u. Hunt for people who usually alone by themself


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  • Try to get out more, Make some friends, try to show ur personality more! trust me if u keep staying home waiting for Sundays to talk to someone, that wouldn't help u, & if it did, the progress will be horribly slow!
    & if u r too afraid to talk to anyone face 2 face, try social networks, it's much easier.
    Best of luck!!