Do you think Denial is a necessary emotion in life that is often under rated and misunderstood?

You learn from a young age that in life there is 'the ideal' and 'reality'

how this translates is when people go through traumatic experiences it is always encouraged to 'express' their feelings. Which to a large part is 'ideal', but, what of the people with no means or support networks to allow such 'expression'?

Is there only smart thing to do is embrace 'denial', so ask to get by?


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  • It's probably healthy in small dosages, as sometimes people aren't ready to face the reality of a situation and need time usually given to them by denial to think things through. Though it can get out of hand and become rather dangerous.


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  • Denial is just delaying the inevitable moment when you have to deal with a problem eventually.
    Issues don't go away on their own. Ignoring them or denying them doesn't make them disapear.

    • true, but some people do not have any other option

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    • so, to shave or not to shave? that is the question...

    • hair is always attractive ;)

  • Seems like a complicated question!

    • err... I'll come back to it later hahah!

    • No in my opinion people are denial because they are afraid to face the truth. Nothing complicated about that. They try to hide the facts to make themselves feel better because they cannot handle the truth.

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  • Actually yes really interesting

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