Do you ever feel like nobody respects you?

I'm funny, sweet, innocent, naive, silly, cute, playful, simple, trusting, reliable and well most people like me and trust me - very few seem to esteem me or respect me. They respect me in the sense that they do not hit me or mistreat me - but nobody gets up when I walk into the room, nobody refers to me by my last name unless they are a boss or authoritative figure in my life and nobody moves across the room to sit next to me when I go to a party unless they are doing it out of pity or a sense of duty. Do you ever feel like nobody respects you? I think my easy going and carefree nature is the reason most people do not seem to take me seriously except as a funny and humorous friend.


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  • Do you respect people around you?


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  • Why the fuck should they? Give them a reason to.


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