I'm almost 19 and I've never been asked out 🙁😔?

I'm a freshman in college and almost everyone I know has a high school boyfriend or is dating. My 3 roommates all have boyfriends and so do most of my friends. It's like no boys at my college or in high school ever approach me. I had to approach them and I'm shy but I've never been shy about embarrassing a guy when he deserves it such as calling him out on something rude he says. I was never asked out not even to homecoming or prom. I'm not going to post a picture of myself but I always thought I'm average or maybe not that attractive but not extremely ugly.

I'm 5'6, 115 pounds and I'm a 32DD. I don't even think boys notice me in college. I joined lots of clubs and met new people and I take care of my body. Sometimes boys looked at me in high school but now i feel so invisible like I barely have any guy friends. What's wrong with me? I feel like if I won't ever find someone cause nothing has changed since I got to college besides maybe a few more girl friends.


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  • Since college generally has a ratio of 3 to 2 men vs women, and women are at their peak attractiveness at that age, men in college are used to being competed for rather than the other way around. Don't expect them to approach you because they simply don't need to.

    Dress attractive, which doesn't mean like a whore, and approach guys yourself. That will work for sure.

    • Well my college is actually 55% guys

    • And lmao why would I chase a guy sounds so pathetic.

    • @Asker thinking you're too good to chase a guy probably has something to do with why you don't have one.

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  • I know I can't completely understand what you're going through but it's really not that big of deal, it's not like your 40 or 80 and still single. I don't understand questions like this because your so young. You might think differently but relationships are not that important, it's nice to be in one but it's not like we need it to survive.

    • And if boys don't notice you then go approach some that you're intrested in, they don't even have to go to your college. You could try online dating as well.

    • Thanks yeah I know I don't think they're that important but when you're 3 years older maybe it would bother you too somewhat of a guy has never asked you out either.

    • If*** :)

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  • "I'm not going to post a picture of myself but I always thought I'm average or maybe not that attractive but not extremely ugly."
    I am sorry. I think I have bad news my dear. Our brain makes look better in the mirror.

    • The truth hurts lol

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    • I wasn't trying to criticize you by the way sorry if I came off as that.

    • "If By details you mean a picture then reread the first line of your answer."
      That's too much cockiness. If you talk this way with people i can see why guys dont approach. I myself wouldn't.

  • Chances are that you make yourself unapproachable with various behavioural patterns. For example you are always with other girls, you look extremely shy or are into your books, you don't make any eye contact, etcetc.

    • Even girls in a group get approached but that doesn't apply because I barely have any friends. So I'm usually alone.
      I mean I might look shy? I don't know but I'm never reading or anything. dont you think it's more of a chance that I'm ugly?

    • Well, put yourself in the shoes of a guy. Who would you approach? The girl who looks back with eye-contact and smiles at you? Or the one who looks away and on the ground?

  • And Im sure you're so shy that when a guy will ask you out you will give him a nice cold rejection just like the rest 17235563275655232 girls who do that. Always the same thing.

  • I guess they just aren't attracted to you. Sounds harsh but just being honest. I'm 28 and never been with a girl either since they aren't attracted to me. You have a lot of time though. Guys aren't that picky.

    • Thanks yeah. that's what I figured

  • A HAWT pix would be nice 👌🏼
    can't judge ur attractiveness solely with words

  • Maybe you are innocent and a nice girl and you know boys generally follow the bad ones lol...
    Don't be sad, you are so young :)


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