What's a good beard oil?

Do any of you use beard oil?
What kind?
I've never used any before and I was wondering what's good. Not too oily but doesn't dissipate 5 minutes later either.
My facial hair is a little longer than 1/8".


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  • As an Anglo, I would not use it, though I imagine a man with African ancestry might derive some benefit, as with hair oils and pomades. Instead, most Caucasian men who want to make their beards softer just use hair conditioner. Would be important to find a fragrance you like because you'll scarcely be able to avoid it.

    When I first started growing out my beard I was also concerned about roughness (if that's where you're coming from), but those concerns were not well-founded. Even girls who don't like beards say that mine is soft.

    Good luck man.


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