Small desert ideas for Christmas gifts?

This year, I'm on a bit of a budget. Plus, I have a rather large family and extended family. So rather than go spend hundreds, if not one or two thousand on gifts, I want to make everyone sweets and gift them in cute jars and stuff.
Question is, aside from fudge what other little sweets could I make? Any ideas? Or should I just go buy a bunch of sweets and do it that way?


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  • meringue (not sure how that is spelled) cookies are the bomb! Crush peppermints and add chocolate chips. They are delicious! Those and gingerbread cookies. Last Christmas, I made minis of both and put them in goody bags and handed them out to teachers and friends. They were a hit! Also easy to make, just be careful with the meringue. One little bit of yoke in the whites and forget it. Greasy bowl, forget it. Somehow I messed up my second batch and I blame those. Gingerbread dough is also easier to work with chilled. Nothing says Christmas like baking! Have fun!

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