My big cousin insulted me and it hurt so bad?

My big cousin came over he's usually playful and funny

i said
"hey stand up, i bet im taller than you!" (i got taller)

he refused to stand up and said

"you haven't got taller than me but you're bigger than me" (making fun of my weight)
and he asked how much i weighed infront of everyone, i usually keep it from everyone not even my mom knows my weight.

i said "265"

he said "haha im 25, and i weigh 4 more punds than you"

usually from people who i dont care about id brush it off

but when he said it... it hurt... like hell i almost started crying but i didn't want to infront of everyone.. i still feel like crying.. i try so hard to lose weight.. i starve myself and walk for like an hour a day..

and for him to say that it hurt

my mom said "don't say anything about his weight, you know it bothers him"

and he said "what? im grown and he's a kid i weigh 4 more pounds than him...


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  • First off please don't starve yourself. If you eat smaller meals and snack on fruit you will lose weight. Your body needs regular routine meals especially breakfast to kick start your metabolism. Maybe your cousin was just being an idiot that day and you got the brunt of it. Try not to feel so bad I bet he feels wrong now but might not apologise out of pride. Maybe he's threatened by you growing so fast. Just stay going on your daily walk and eat properly. Cutting out sugar is a big one especially certain sauces and soda drinks. Best wishes x

    • he did apologize he's a church man i just never thought id hear it from someone like him

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    • i dont really eat and whn i do its because i can't take it anymore, and its a lot.

      i don't want to cry last time i let myself cry i almost couldn't stop
      thanks for caring though

    • Then take a long hot bubbly bath or shower and just relax :) I find it great to soothe me if I'm upset

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  • You need to eat healthier, starving solves NOTHING. Because the body has a "starvation-prevention-mode" and if you start starving yourself, your body will try to fight against it and you won't lose almost no fat. You'll just get sicker cuz of no vitamins and minerals. Its a looong long process until a human starts starving.

    So you just start with a few rules. No coke or sweet drinks anymore. Only water. And maybe 1 glass of apple or orange juice in the morning. Because already 40 minutes after someone drank coke for example, your body starts producing fat and you'll get heavier. So if you only change this, its a HUGE help already. Other than that try to stay away from bread in general, just forget that it exist. Try eating fish (not breaded like fishsticks for example, just naked, grilled fish) or chicken (same. Naked chicken) with vegetables. Just eat healthy in general. 1 apple a day keeps the doctor away.



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  • I don't get it really?

    • my cousin insulted my weight
      because he's only weighs 4 pounds more than me and he's 25

    • so... whats the big deal... just ignore him... he has low self esteem.

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