What would you do if the person you liked saw you getting bullied and walked away?

(school setting)
Lets say you have a crush on this girl or boy

you're getting bullied by like 3 people and your crush walks down the stairs and see's you getting bullied, you see him figuring out the situation and you think he's going to stop them from bullying you, but instead he turns back the other way as if he never saw you, and goes to class. to put it on top of that he doesn't even tell someone what happened.

do you still like him?

a couple guys are making fun of you and the girl you like is walking your way
the guys star getting physical and you think she's going to say something to one of the guys,

but she walks passed you as if she never saw anyone in the hallway. one of the guys
actually said hey to her in a flirty way and she says hi back to them and walks to class

You ask them
"Hey, you saw me getting bullied back there, why didn't you say anything?"
and they say
"Sorry, it was none of my buisness, tell a teacher"

do you still like them?

  • Don't like them, why would i like someone who wouldn't stand up for me?
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  • Still like them, wasn't their fault.
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  • Mad at them, for not doing anything.
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  • Happy with them, avoiding conflict.
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  • Just lose interest, completely.
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  • Going to ignore them, forever,
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  • Like them even more, for staying out of trouble.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would lose complete and total respect for them therefore the feelings would dissolve.

    However, no one ever tried to bully me because I'm sassy and full of fire. Did you personally experience this situation?

    • not really
      sort of but the guys were my friends we were just playing around
      and the girl i liked passed by and said hi to me

      so i was just thinking what would she do if i was really getting bullied

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    • dumb reason actually just some bully

    • :/ I'm sorry man. It's awesome that you want to stand up for yourself though

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What Girls Said 2

  • i dont respect people who condone bullying.. if someone has a chance to do something and they dont, they suck.

    the fact it was me and i liked them id almost irrelevant. i just dont think well of any one who would walk by when they dont have to. that'd apply to anyone. but in particular i would no longer have feelings for them. i have to have a good opinion of a person to have a crush. here's nothing remarkable about cowards. they are so common.

    • This is true
      no one should just walk pass and not do anything even if all they can do is put their 2 cents in and tell them that you could hurt someone like that, even if they can't physicaly fight them they can still do something about it, ignoring it isn't the way

    • ys i agree.. and there's something reprehensible about not even _trying_ to do whatever you can. if even just to show support. bullying takes power by making the bullied feel isolated. so even if you can't beat someone down, you can still help the person getting bullied draw on their own strength.

      anyhow people can't fight oppression without uniting and bullies can't stand alone against many, so.. gotta stand up against crap you know is wrong. its an essential mathematical human necessity.,

    • Yeah,
      i've been bullied so i know how it feels,
      i remember this kid who used to ride my bus he was a freshman and nobody really talked to him, sat with him, anything.. i was new to the school but i had friends because i went to middle school with aloott of them so i him to sit with me and actually introduced him to my friends we still talk at school but he moved so we dont really talk anymore

      wasn't bullying but its good to know you helped someone right

  • I was bullied by a guy I liked he called me zombie because I have dermatitis and its not even that bad but he got all of the other boys to call me zombie some of them still call me zombie but hey I've been bullied my whole like so u just learn to hate yourself they also called me fat we were in 8th grabe I weighed 75 pounds when they called me fat so and I didn't eat a lot after that

    • oh Wow

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    • No I just stabed a kid with my pencil and maybe him bleed guess who he never bullied again and he stands up for me and I didn't get in trouble even though he told on me

    • Even better idea

What Guys Said 1

  • WTF? REALLY? First off, don't ever be someone's bitch! Have some f-Ing pride man. Don't let anyone punk you. You might get your ass beat but at the end you can hold your head up and have some pride at having been a man and stood your ground, and people will have respect for you. If she just walked on by then she saw exactly what you were, a bitch, for letting those guys pick on you.
    Second, if you are waiting for a girl to speak up and defend you from bullies then you are way beyond bitch status. Reach down in your drawers, feel this little lumps? Those are balls, act like you have a pair. You want the girl? The next time those guys are giving you shit, knock one or more of them out. You may get mud stomped but if you bust out one of their teeth then that will be the last time they will dick with you. If you like being their go to pick on pu$$y and have everyone in the school including your crush think of you as a weak cun+ then do nothing. I am not trying to be an a-hole here man but you need to man up or you'll be people's bitch your whole life. The scenery will change, the bullies will be different people, you'll get older, but everywhere you go the bullies will sniff the piss dribbling down your legs, sense your bitch status and go after you because they can. Fight your own battles, man up and get some pride. Being a man can be tough and you can get some lumps, black eyes and split lips, but nothing feels better than personal pride and being a man's man.