I'm starting to get bored with life, what do I do?

Like the title says I'm growing tired of everything. My passion with making music is fading, I'm getting so bored with everything. It's like I'm getting used to being in this place and I want to advance but I can't. I'm a single college student who recently stopped talking to this girl because she went and got a boyfriend, I thought I was ok with being alone but I'm starting to feel lonely and I think about it a lot :/ I also don't want to approach girls right now because I just expect the worst to happen. I hardly get paid enough to pay off school and my grades in the past weren't so amazing either. My whole life I've been pretty much a slacker but when I try I can succeed. There's this girl that I'm interested in at the moment but man after approaching the last girl I thought was attractive it didn't work out so well. She was cold and harldy responded, I mean I know I'm nervous when it comes to talking to girls but she just made it even worst. I know I'm ranting but I'm getting so tired of everything, work, school, life, etc.


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  • My advice would be to change it up. Everyone can get tired of the same thing. Try taking break or trying something new. Talk to the girls you want to, go for it. The worst that could happen is that they do not feel the same way and then you know and can move on. Don't get discouraged, there so much you can do you just have to push yourself and go for it. No regrets man. Good luck! I used to be reserved and not go for it and I got really down about things. Then I went out and did some fun new things I had been hesitant to do before. I ended up making some great new friends, who encouraged me to keep trying things and grow as a person. I am way happier now and excited to do stuff now. It was hard at first and I felt like I was trying to hard but it payed off. Best of luck, I'm rooting for you.

    • I appreciate it, thanks. I think I'll take a break from music as I'm getting so used to it. I'll try approaching that girl though :)

    • My pleasure glad I could help :) , good luck with the girl and all musicians go through funks where they are not "inspired" haha

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