Do you think she got really happy when I left?

I'm sort of confident by personality. I was chatting up this guy while this other girl was quiet.

Anyways, when I tried talking to her she was rude. Later on I said something majorly stupid in front of everyone and caught her smirking.

Within 2 days time, she and the guy got close which I'm guessing is all her doing. I left the University for personal reasons.

I now wonder how happy she must have been seeing the empty chair beside her. The girl and that guy are now dating, 2 years later.


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  • Well, how do you know she didn't know him already? Sounds like they have strong chemistry if they're still together. I doubt your presence would have put a stop to that lol.

    • Good point (about knowing him). They genuinely didn't seem to know each other from what I could tell.

      Honestly? I felt like they were together out of convenience and also happened to like each other. A lot of people end up together in University because they're looking for company (and they were seated next to each other).

      Either way I can't help but feel she was utterly gleeful. Now there's no cause for competition in the least.

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    • 2 years was the duration of the University program so it made sense they were together up until that point. I'm not sure if they still are, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

      She was particularly mean to me. I think she didn't want me to be friends with any of her friends including the guy.

      She seemed insecure. Sometimes she'd snap at me for no reason and I'd be thinking what the fuck?

    • Sometimes people just don't like other people for random reasons lol. It sucks to be on the receiving end of that kind of behavior, but that's life, right? We can't always get explanations for why people behave the way they do... There's no point in trying to make it work with people who seem to be antagonistic for no reason.

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