My roommate is unbelievable, is she doing this on purpose?

A couple nights ago I came home to my roommates having the time of their lives in the living room. Thwy heard me trying to unlock the door but stayed in the living room. I was too high to really pay attention but apparently they were in underwear and were just chillin. At the time i could have sworn they were naked though. Anywho, the next night i was out as I usually am and my roommate texts me asking when I'll be home and where i was. I told her to not worry about it and that id let her know when i was on my way. I later text her when im on my way but by then it was 1am and they never stay up that late so i came home and they were sleeping. Then tonight my roommate texts me to tell her when im on my way bc her and her boyfriend (my other roommate) want to enjoy themselves. An hour later i text her saying im on my way. 20 min later im opening the door and i hear her bust out laughing (just like the first time i found them) and as im closing the door with my bavk turned i hear my guy roommate say "oh fuck this" and he runs across the hall im in (which my back is still turned) and runs into their room. Without turning into the living room i speed to my room yelling "i fucking told you i was on my way" and i hear my girl roommate calling me saying she loves me while she's laughing. I lock my door and she's at my door telling me to come out and i yell "no thanks i dont wanna see your naked asses" and she asks if i saw her bfs dick and i said no and then she says she loves me again and wants to hug me and tries opening the door and i just yell that she's drunk. I then hear her boyfriend tell her something and she goes into their room and minutes later i came out to grab water and now im back in here hiding. I was so close to opening the door and telling her to seriously gtfo out of my face and that she needs yo be considerate of me. I think she got used to me not coming home until late late at night and so they have the living room to themselves. Im so annoyed. Im gonna talk to them tomorrow but I don't know what to say


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  • Tell them sex stays in their room. You aren't going to tell them when you're coming home again. If you ever see it again someone is moving out.

    • Thats true. But then again id be the one moving out and i have nowhere to go lol

    • @Asker Well you might be stuck living with it.

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  • I think you should talk to her when she's not with him and tell her that bothers you. If she's a real friend she will listen and respect you. However, if she doesn't listen it might be on purpose or that they're trying to make you jealous for some reason.

    • I don't know she's weird. The first night i moved in a few people came over. Someone knocked out on my bed and my bed is small, so she offered i sleep with her in her bed but i didn't realize so would her boyfriend. 15 min later she says she's sleeping in my bed bc 3 of us on a Full bed is too much. So her boyfriend and i were in bed and he was trying to spoon. And omg an hour later she came back asking if i wanted my bed back and i was so happy

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  • File a complaint to the landlord.

    • Im not on the lease. The only one on the lease is her boyfriend.

    • Well there isn't much you can do, you have no power here and it may result in you having to find an alternative source of accommodation.

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