HAPPY Halloween :D what's your costume for this years Halloween? Do you have a pic?

So I've finished my trick or treating for this year... And I definitely cleaned up! Halloween seems to be getting more and more popular every year in Australia, Which is great for me, as it's my fave holiday :D

I dressed up for work all day today, and I made a kid cry :D which has been my goal for many years now... So I feel like now I've peaked and need to up myself for next year!

What did you guys get up to for Halloween? Or what are your plans? What did you dress up as?

Here is my costume - I'm not really sure what I am, I was going to go as a crazy cat lady, but I left all the cats that I was going to pin to myself at my other job, so I decided on this like 2 hours before I started, and besides the fact I went through about half a stick of eyeliner, it worked pretty well!



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