How can I move on?

My grandfather lost his (very short) battle with pancreas cancer four months ago (terminal). He was my everything - my best friend and bonus father in one.
Christmas is soon - and I just want to hide away and not celebrate it at all. I just can't get my head around, that he's not there anymore.
My grandmother is comming over this year - and she seems to have moved on, and accepted that he's dead - while I'm still crying over his death.
I feel like I'm not allowed to celebrate Christmas and be happy, since he's dead. I'm afraid of the sparks of happiness - I'm so afraid of forgetting him, his voice, his scent - just his presence.

I don't want to be a negative Nancy - how do I let go and accept that he's dead?


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  • Awww!
    Try some comfort food, (food that makes you happy or brings back good memories) or an inspiring book. You could also send a text to your grandfather, saying how much u love him and miss him and anything else you want to say, then keep it untill you are ready to delete it. If it would be a longer letter, write it on a piece of paper, then bury it or burn it.

    • This is a bad idea ahha - I have an ED, so food isn't exactly a comfort (Binge/purge)
      But I really like the letter and text idea!

    • you could also buy a balloon, write on it with sharpie and let it go and watch it float away